Welcome! This website showcases the music, and "wisdom" (such as it is) of Mark D. Hastings a performing songwriter and keyboardist from the greater Boston area. Mark plays a variety of styles with strong influences from Classical, Swing, Pop, Blues and Boogie.

New CD will drop before the end of the year.

My new CD "Clouds in Her Hair" is nearing completion. Please stay tuned for more news.

I don't have to tell you that it has been a tough year in many ways. What started out with a full head of steam in the project of creating this CD, quickly got bogged down with the constraints of Social Distancing. The effect was to limit  opportunities to get into the studio to record.

Fortunately, through the wonders of modern technology, I have been able to create and swap tracks with my recording engineer/producer Vance Grazio (Currier Square). I have also included more instrumentals on this CD than originally planned, as getting into the studio to record vocals was not well advised.

Regardless, hopefully you will enjoy the music here, and on the upcoming CD. Hopefully, it will offer you some respite from the day to day issues confronting all of us.

Please laugh, love, and be well!

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