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A few little extras...

My YouTube Channel

I've posted a selection of songs performed live at various venues. Please enjoy!

Currier Square

I have to give a shout out to Vance Grazio and the Currier Square Band. Members of this band are long time friends, and Vance (on right) has been highly involved in the production of my CD "Clouds In Her Hair".
For my part whenever Vance needs some studio tracks for his songs, I try to give his a half dozen or so, some of which he even uses!

Thank you Vance! It's great having you as a friend! Keep the great music coming.

As difficult as myasthenia gravis is to pronounce, it is even more difficult to live with. If you wish to learn more about this debilitating illness please visit their site:

...and if you are willing to donate to a worthy cause, here is a link to a good friend's fundraising page:

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