Welcome! This website showcases the music, and "wisdom" (such as it is) of Mark D. Hastings a performing songwriter and keyboardist from the greater Boston area. Mark is an adept pianist who blends Classical, New Age, Swing, and Boogie, into songs about life and relationships with this occasional wry, humorous observations thrown in.

Latest news:

7/18/22 Well I'm back after a wonderful, terrible, amazing, exhausting, difficult, transformative week at WUMB's Summer Acoustic Music Week (SAMW). This was the first such event in 3 years due to the pandemic. It felt like coming home after a long absence. Wonderful supportive musicians all around, and it seemed like the music never stopped the whole week. I came to rue my decision to opt out of the usual cabins, for an RV site with my Prius. A less than full understanding of it's operation in standby mode led to a couple of nights of badly interrupted sleep. The weather made it's own contribution when a series of passing thunderstorms knocked out power for several hours. In the end, we all got through it relatively unscathed.

For my concert piece, I performed "First Snowfall" to a great reception. Someday I hope I'll be able to record that song, and my other "First of Season" compositions on a real grand piano.

7/3/22 The weather forecast looked atrocious this past Friday night. I was offered the chance to cancel my performance in Milford, but knowing New England weather, I decided to go for it the next day. When I checked the weather on Saturday morning, there was an improvement in the forecast. Still expecting rain, but at a lower probability. I arrived at 9AM to a light drizzle with very light winds. I set up under the canopy and began my gig. As the morning progressed, the rains got lighter then stopped alltogether. By the time the market was over, we had bright sunshine and some heat. I am so glad that I opted to go through with the gig. The people at the Milford NH Farmers Market are the best, from the market director, to each of the vendors. There were so many different vendors, no two alike. I gave them my best, including a few of my instrumentals, and my swing version of Here Comes The Sun. (Maybe that helped with the weather - who knows?)

Here's hoping that the good folks at the Milford Farmers market keep inviting me back.

6/27/22 Whew! It has been a busy week or so. Sunday a week ago I was warmly welcomed by the folks at the North Andover Farmers Market. This is one of the best run markets I have seen. There was a wonderful selection of vendors with no two of them selling the same thing. The volunteers running the market were friendly and very competent, and the customers were warm and welcoming to me on my first outing there. Many thanks to Rob for giving me the opportunity to play there.

This past Saturday I got to play at the Dedham Porchfest. Thank yous to Fred for organizing the music for the event, and to Austin for hosting a wonderful site complete with stage and decorative lighting! I got to play to a yard full of wonderful listeners for me entire two sets.

Next up, a return to the great folks at the Milford NH Farmers Market!

Had a great time performing at the Winchester Porchfest last Saturday. Had wonderful audience listening and dancing (even to tunes that didn't have a good beat that you could dance to ;-) )   We had beautiful weather with a chance to set aside worries, and just relax.  Thank you to my hosts, and the Porchfest organizers. I hope to go back there next year!

Next gig: This Sunday at the North Andover Farmers Market from 10-1.



Got a bit of a surprise gig at the Salem NH Farmers Market. When one member of Currier Square took ill, I was asked to stand in for the day. It was a fun gig. Despite some very threatening clouds, we did not get even a drop of rain. The crowd was appreciative, of our covers as well as our originals. We even had a bit of "drama" when the power went out on the circuit we were using. Fortunately, the vendor next to us had a generator, and let us tap into it. Problem solved! Kudos to Mike and Vance for their wonderful performances - especially Vance's cover of "The One I Love".


It has been a long two years. So glad to be getting back out there to perform for people. Please check the Schedule Page for more information on upcoming performances.

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